B.Sc.(HM) - A First Degree in Hospitality

B.Sc. in Hotel Management is a comprehensive course that combines an extensive educational curriculum with industrial training, providing graduates who are fully attuned to competitive aspects and requests of the Hospitality Industry. The Three Year programme equips trainees with the required skills, knowledge and attitude to efficiently discharge supervisory responsibilities in the hospitality sector.

The Bachelor of science programme comprise in-depth laboratory work for students to acquire the required knowledge and skill standards in the operational areas of Food and Beverage service, Front office operation and house keeping.

It also imparts substantial managerial inputs in subjects such as Sales and Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Property Management, Entrepreneurship Development and other related subjects.

DAVV with international certification of AHLA (American housing & lodging association)


Bsc 1st Year

Paper Code Paper Title
BSCHM 101 English Language
BSCHM 102 Food Microbiology & Nutrition
BSCHM 103 Basics of Computer
BSCHM 104 Food Production
BSCHM 105 Food & Beverage Service
BSCHM 106 Hotel House Keeping-I
BSCHM 107 Front Office Operations-I

Bsc 2nd Year

Paper Code Paper Title
BSCHM 201 Food Production - III
BSCHM 202 FOOD & Beverage Services - III
BSCHM 203 Front Office Operations - II
BSCHM 204 Accomodation Operations -I
BSCHM 205 Food & Beverage Control - I
BSCHM 206 Hotel Accountancy - I
BSCHM 207 Industrial Training Project

Bsc 3rd Year

Paper Code Paper Title
BSCHM 301 Food Production Operations
BSCHM 302 Food & Beverages Services Operations
BSCHM 303 Front Office Management
BSCHM 304 Accomodation Management
BSCHM 305 Financial Management
BSCHM 306 Tourism Marketing
BSCHM 307 Strategic Management