The MBA in Hospitality is a master’s program for hospitality professionals and graduates who want to develop higher-level strategic management skills for executive position. MIHMs’ business management approach towards programme training will give you professional insight into the hospitality industry plus a set of core management skills for finance, marketing, statistics, and human resources.

These degrees can lead to a prosperous career in hotels, resorts, cruise liners, travel and tour companies, and other service areas but you will be prepared to enter management in any type of organization, not just those related to hospitality, travel and tourism.

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Duration-2 years

DAVV with international certification of AHLA (American housing & lodging association)


MBA Semester 1st & 2nd

Paper Code Paper Title
MBAHOTM0101 Accommodation Operations
MBAHOTM0102 Basic Front Office Operations
MBAHOTM0103 Food Science -I
MBAHOTM0104 Hotel Law
MBAHOTM0105 Seminar & Term Paper / Project Work & Comprehensive Viva-Voce
Paper Code Paper Title
MBAHOTM0201 Front Office Management
MBAHOTM0202 Food & Beverage Service
MBAHOTM0203 Principles of Accounting
MBAHOTM0204 Front Production - I
MBAHOTM0205 Comprehensive Viva-Voce

mBA Semester 3rd & 4th

Paper Code Paper Title
MBAHOTM0301 House Keeping Operations
MBAHOTM0302 Food Production II
MBAHOTM0303 Catering Science
MBAHOTM0304 Food & Beverage Control
MBAHOTM0305 Seminar & Term Paper / Project Work & Comprehensive Viva-Voce
Paper Code Paper Title
MBAHOTM0401 HouseKeeping Operations - II
MBAHOTM0402 Computer Fundamentals
MBAHOTM0403 Hotel Engineering
MBAHOTM0404 Principles of Management
MBAHOTM0405 Seminar & Term Paper / Project Work & Comprehensive Viva-Voce